Per ESPN's Adam Schefter's Twitter account, first rounder Earl Thomas has now signed with the team.

Just shy of 10pm this evening, Schefter tweeted:

"Filed to ESPN: Seahawks signed first-round pick Earl Thomas to a 5-year, $21.1 million deal that includes $12.32 million guaranteed."

Entering the 2010 NFL Draft at just 20 years old, Earl Thomas was one of the youngest, and most talented options on the board this year.

Selected by the Seahawks in the first round with the 14th overall pick, the team expects great things from the Texas redshirt sophomore.

At 5'10", 202 lbs, some have questioned his size for a top round pick, but his versatility and ability to adapt lessen the concern.

His bio reads:

"A collegiate strong safety, he has shown the man coverage skills to make a successful move to cornerback. With his natural hands and ball-hawking skills, along with playmaking ability, Thomas could be the perfect solution for a team looking for a game-changing type of free safety."

And a game-changing player is exactly what the Seahawks need right now.

So what will Earl Thomas do with his newfound wealth? He plans to purchase his father, Earl, and mother, Debbie, a new home after theirs was destroyed by Hurricane Rita. Says Thomas, “A house for them will be one of the first things I purchase.”

You can follow Earl Thomas on Twitter here.