Cornerback Joe Haden reached an agreement with the Cleveland Browns, which leaves left tackle Russell Okung the only player unsigned among the six players chosen from No. 3 to No. 8.

But there’s also the first sign of a potential sticking point in negotiations because of the five players chosen before Okung in the draft order, three have now agreed to six-year contracts.

Haden and McClain — the two players chosen after Okung — have agreed to five-year deals.

The floor and ceiling for the value of Okung’s contract with Seattle have been established, but the years involved in the deal are a potential sticking spot.

That was the case last year in Seattle’s negotiation with linebacker Aaron Curry. The Seahawks wanted a six-year contract, which wasn’t unprecedented. The Lions and Matthew Stafford negotiated a six-year deal, but it did lengthen the negotiation because adding an additional year to the contract wasn’t insignificant for Curry because it changed the timetable for free agency. It wasn’t insurmountable, but it did take more negotiation to get done.

The Seattle Seahawks want to sign Russell Okung to a seven year deal.